STAR groups are your smaller community within the organization to get to know one another better and to always have a go-to executive team member for questions. STAR groups can earn STAR date points by hanging out with 3 or more of their group members outside of volunteering or meetings. At least one of the 3 needs to be a general member. Send a picture of your group each time to Social Media & Events Paige Stater or Emily Strom via email or the STAR GroupMe to have your points recorded. Help your group earn the most points and win a prize at the end of the year by going to org wide and STAR group socials.  

TIP: Check out the Calendar page or the STAR Instagram to stay updated with socials!

Below are the current STAR group standings:

STAR Groups 2023

Group (by exec members)

Marlo & Patrick

Cloe & Dorcas

Josh & Josh

Lauryn & Skylar

Sabrina & Ellie

Paige & Emily