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For general comments and questions please contact us at

Specific questions can be directed to the STAR Executive Team or an Advisor

Executive Team for 2019-2020

President -- Jasmine Velasquez

Vice President of Internal Programs -- Frank Boksa

Secretary -- Brianna Iverson

Vice President of Programs -- Catia Atienza & Michael Pyevich

Visit Day Chair -- Paulina Kroczak & Kenna Marquardt

Iowa Outreach -- Justin Alpers & Mia Battani

Vice President of Membership -- Sara Leiding & Hannah Ogren

Campus Activities and Events Chair -- Abbie Craig & Regan Smock

Media Relations -- Ray Khothisen

Training -- Alex Anderson & Anna Turnquist

Vice President of Finance -- Kris Ledesma

Hawkeye Hosts -- Emma Erner

Honors Host -- Clara Wertzberger


Michelle Danielson (319) 335-1560 or  Maureen Owens (319) 335-0537

Sheila Schechinger (319) 335-1566