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For general comments and questions please contact us at

Specific questions can be directed to the STAR Executive Team or an Advisor

Executive Team for 2017-18

President- Tatum McDonald

Vice President of Internal Programs- Laura Schneider

Secretary- Devyn Young

Vice President of Programs- Alex Smolik

Visit Day Chair- Stacy Garrard and Mia Qu

Iowa Outreach - Madeline Thompson and Lauren Vlaanderen

Vice President of Membership- Kyle Weiss and Jessica Foubert

Campus Activities and Events Chair- Nicole Meirick

Media Relations- Alaina Handrick

Training-Hannah Johnson and Nora Stutt

Vice President of Finance- Claire Wilson

Hawkeye Hosts - Jessica Foubert and Nick Psihoyos

Group Visit- Tatum McDonald

Honors Hosts- Clara Wertzberger


Michelle Danielson- (319)-335-1560 or Allanda Hageman (319) 335-5530 or Taylor Ullrich (319) 335-0537

Sheila Schechinger- (319)-335-1566 or Laura Goddard (319) 335-1555