Interested in joining STAR?

In order to be eligible for STAR, you must have 3 semesters remaining at the University of Iowa including the current semester. 
You must also be in good academic standing for your college, for most this is a minimum 2.5 gpa.

 The Fall 2023 application includes a one-page essay as well as basic personal information. The application will close Wednesday, September 6 at 5:00 p.m. We will reach out to qualified applicants regarding interviews after this deadline.

Application to join STAR - Fall 2023

Why join STAR?

First and foremost, you get to help students find their home at Iowa! By sharing your experiences with families and answering their questions, you can heavily impact their college decision.

But... we also have a lot of fun outside of Visit Days and meetings. We have beach days, go bowling and apple picking, have Sunday pizza at the Airliner, and all kinds of other social activities that help you make a home in STAR! Plus, we love to give away prizes and we always have snacks at meetings.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get public speaking and leadership experience. And if nothing else, you get to learn all kinds of facts about the University that most people don't know. For instance, did you know Calvin Hall used to sit where Macbride Hall is now located? That's why the bottom brick is a different color than the rest of the building!

What is expected of STAR members?

All members are expected to attend all member meetings unless you have a valid reason that prevents you from making it (class, work, etc). STAR members are also expected to volunteer at least 5 hours each semester, but if you want to volunteer more, you definitely can! Lots of STAR students end up volunteering more than 5 hours because we love what we do.

How do I volunteer?

Throughout the semester, we hold large Visit Days where hundreds of prospective Hawkeyes come to learn about Iowa. We help set up, mingle with families, tell our stories on student panels, and accompany students on tours of campus! You can also help out in the STAR office, join the Communications Team, or be a part of our Adopt-A-Class program, where we become pen pals with 5th graders.

What makes a good STAR member?

One of the most important qualities that a good STAR has is a willingness to learn. No one knows everything about the university, or feels comfortable talking to prospective students or speaking in front of groups right away--and that's okay! New members receive training that teaches them about the university, and as members become more involved they will gain experience talking to families and in front of bigger groups.

Star students with herky
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STAR students at org fair