Interested in joining STAR?

We'll have a membership drive again in September!

What is STAR?

STAR is a student organization which works with the university to help recruit prospective students. This includes talking with prospective students, participating in student panels to talk about student life, and helping out with on-campus Visit Days which are large events held on certain Fridays and Mondays that offer information sessions, tours, and other fun activities designed to help visitors learn about the University of Iowa.

What is expected of STAR members?

All members are expected to attend general meetings, which are held every other week in the afternoon (if you have class or another valid reason that prevents you from making it to meetings, you will be excused), as well as volunteer five hours each semester. If you want to volunteer more, that's great, and many students do, but the total required time averages out to less than one hour per week!

What makes a good STAR member?

One of the most important qualities for being a STAR member is being willing to learn. Not everyone knows a lot about the university, or feels comfortable talking to prospective students and their family or speaking in front of groups - that's ok! New members receive training which teaches them about the university, and as new members become more involved they get experience talking in front of groups and with students and families. In other words, what you already know and can do isn't as important as if you're willing to learn and try new things.

What do I get for participating in STAR?

While helping out the university is the primary purpose of STAR, we're constantly having our own events for fun. Cookouts in city park, apple picking, Sunday pizza at the Airliner, and all kinds of other group activities designed to meet other members! Plus we're constantly giving away shirts, prizes, and - every college student's favorite - free food!
While you don't have to speak in front of any large groups if you don't want to, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get experience speaking in front of crowds, a benefit all in it's own. And if nothing else, you get to learn all kinds of facts about the university that most people don't. For instance, did you know Calvin Hall used to sit where Macbride Hall is now located? That's why the bottom brick is a different color than the rest of the building!

So how do I join STAR?

STAR Membership drives are at the start of each semester. Prospective members fill out an application, then are scheduled for an interview by an advisor and current members. Don't worry though, the interview is nothing to fear - it's informal and mainly meant to get to know you. New members then receive training and information about the university to help them become successful members of STAR.
We provide a program where new members are paired with veteran members who can help them learn about all the activities that STAR does. We know new members will have questions, and they will always have someone who can help teach them about STAR, sit with them in meetings, and be there for them during their new experiences.